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When Texas children are safe, healthy, and educated, Texas thrives. Ensuring that kids do well today  ensures that we all do well tomorrow. From 2000 to 2010, Texas accounted for half of the U.S. child population growth, which means when Texas kids do better, the U.S. does better.
Investing in Our Future--2013 State of Texas Children Annual KIDS COUNT Data Book

Invest in Texas Kids. It Matters. A 20-Year Look at Texas' Budget for Our Children

2013 National KIDS COUNT Data Book

2014-15 Children's Budget Report

Texas kids do the talking in our latest video, "Invest In Me."
CPPP Invest In Me video
KIDS COUNT Data Center
Visit the KIDS COUNT Data Center for a state-by-state and county-by-county look at how kids are faring in more than 70 child well-being indicators.